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Trish Whitfield 


Quotes I would not have changed a thing, it was perfect! You are very professional, caring and welcoming. You made our day easy, stress free. You are very kind and easy to talk to Thank You from the bottom of our hearts XXXX Quotes
Peter and Amy Ball
Wedding 14th September 2013

Quotes The guests commented that is was a beautiful ceremony! Thank you both so much!! As always, beautifully done, very personal and always a pleasure!! You always make our occasion that extra bit special, and our wedding day was no expectation, so from the bottom of our hears Thanks you again!!!! Quotes
Kellie and Michael Hager
Wedding 13th September 2013

Quotes Thank you Trish for making this day special and in keeping the surprise from Amanda! Your were very organised and very professional the ceremony was done really nice and we all had a great time. Quotes
John and Amanda
Renewal of Vows 7th September 2013

Quotes We were so glad we choose you and Gordon it was like being married by two good friend. You made us both feel comfortable and happy the reading of the vows was great!!! The ceremony was perfect, we felt happy about having you with us from the first meeting. Thank you so much!!! Quotes
Marcelo and Tenneil
Wedding 7th September 2013

Quotes The service was well delivered and the guests were happy to hear our vows. It was a quick ceremony and we laughed which was nice. Nick and I wanted to say a big thank you for what you did on our wedding day. We had a great day!! Thanks you very much! Quotes
Renee and Nick
22nd June 2013 Wedding

Quotes The service was very friendly and professional. The photo certificate was lovely and spoken about. We were very grateful to have you as our celebrant you made Topsie's day very special and remembered. Thanks for the photos we enjoyed flicking through them as they were the first pictures we had seen. Guest were able to hear the service and said that Trish was a lovely, well presented lady and kept the service ongoing. Thanks again!! Quotes
Warwick and Jenna
2nd June 2013 Topsie's Naming

Quotes The service was great and your husband was very helpful! Loved the day there was nothing you could have done better it was an awesome day. The touches you made were heartfelt and very warming you are a lovely lady who takes her job very well! You treated us like family! Steve and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Thanks!! Quotes
Pennie & Steve
22nd Sept 2012

Quotes We were both very delighted with every aspect, all prior and the day itself, no problems and so easy to work with. It is difficult to improve on perfection!!! The sound was again fantastic. Being an enclosed area I was afraid a little loud - But NO!! Perfect!!! music volume was lovely. Simply being yourself. Nothing was a problem to you and 100% put our wants first. The whole day was sensational, totally happy!! Thanks again!!! Quotes
David and Rosielyn Hardie
20th April 2013

Quotes We could't have been happier with the service. We felt very comfortable with you, meeting with you and Gordon over the years before the wedding. We felt that the wedding was very personal and reflected us as a couple. There was absolutely nothing you could have done better. Everyone said that they could hear the serviced perfectly there was no issue with the sound. You made it special by taking time to see us regularly as well as contacting us through email to make sure we were happy with everything. Thank you Trish (and Gordon) for making our ceremony so special and memerable. We couldn't have chosen a better celebrant!!! Quotes
Ben and Lisa Carrick
23rd March 2013

Quotes The service was very good and you were always helpful and even took your own time to help. There was one thing I think I would have like and that would be for you to allow more time between wedding so that you could stick around for a drink!! Ha! You made a book especially for us even with a photo, played our own songs, brought all you own equiptment even a signing table, and rehersal at site!!!! Thank you for all your time and we enjoyed your company!!! Quotes
Peter and Rachelle
16th March 2013