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Trish Whitfield 


Quotes The service was very relaxed and fun, everyone enjoyed it. You allowed us our own vows and just made us feel very relaxed. Thank you so much for a fantastic ceremony!! Great job!!! Quotes
Jared and Courtney Gallaty
16th March 2013

Quotes We loved our ceremony, it was perfectly suited to our personalities. Trish you made us laugh and the atmosphere was so relaxed. There was nothing that could have gone better, The sand was clear, everything was on time, order of ceremony ran smoothly and was tailored to suit us. Trish you even took your shoes off on the sand. Brilliant!!! Thank you! Our photo on the cover of your folder was a nice touch, toasting glasses gift was really special. The specific music was played in the exact places as requested. You laughed with us the whole way through. Thank you Trish! The moment I met you at an expo, with your birlliantly organised folder containing everthing I needed. I knew you would be perfect for our ceremony. Thank You!!! Quotes
Michael and Amii Gollam
15th March 2013

Quotes The Naming service you did was lovely, orgarnised and professional. Gordon was a lovely addition. The signature bears, certificates, whole ceremony - it was great!!!! Thank you Trish!! We had a fabulous day and it was great! Quotes
Justine & Tui
27th January 2013

Quotes The service was Absolutely fantastic!! everything was perfect, the advice and guidance. Trish you were so helpful and responsive to all of our changes and requests, had we not had your help it wuld not of beenas great as it was! Thank you again for everything Quotes
Kelly and Steven
12 January 2013

Quotes The service was excellent, you answered all of my questions and put myself and Paul at ease. The was nothing you could have done better! The candle for those who had passed was a special touch also helping to dress the boys!!!! Thank you for helping to make our day so special and for making us husband and wife!!!!! Quotes
Lisa & Pavel
17th November 2012

Quotes Trish you were amazing we could not have had a better celebrant. Everyone commented on how friendly and professional you and Gordon were. You went out of your way to make our day special. Youe were so friendly and happy towards the three of us. Thank you both for everything you did, our day was amazing!!!!! Quotes
Tara & Daniel
15th December 2012

Quotes The service was perfect! Music was perfect! Your yellow suit was fantastic! Very professional but also fun. There were not complaints, guests were able to hear the service nice and clear. Some of the things you did to make our day special included table deco, matching chairs to our colour scheme and the ceremony booklet is wonderful! Trish you were/are perfect!! Thank You, thank you, our ceremony was Amazing!!! Quotes
Palamy & Daniel
Bride and Groom 10th Nov 2012

Quotes Hi Trish, Thank you for the wonderful job you did for our ceremony. It was truely amazing!!!! All the best..Greg & Rachel. Quotes
Greg and Rachel's Wedding
Bride and Groom

Quotes Great Celebrant you were awesome and I would recommend you to anyone and your husband was a great help to me on my beautiful day!! The touch you made was heartfelt and very warming, you are a lovely lady who takes her job very well, you treated us like family. Steve and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts, the book and cd were great!! Thanks!! Quotes
Pennie and Steve's Wedding
Bride and Groom

Quotes You are very welcoming, funny and comfortable. I could not suggest anything to improve your services, your the best Trish!!! Thank you very much Trish, Awsome Celebrant and lovely Lady! Cheers. Quotes
Christina and Brock's Wedding
Bride and Groom
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